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A Conversation With Emovi About KneeKG and the Smart Health Certification Program

Earlier this year, the Montreal-based healthcare technology company Emovi began commercialization of their innovative, non-invasive knee assessment device KneeKG, which has the potential to revolutionize knee care and lower costs. With $5 million in capital raised thus far, Emovi (which stands for emotion, movement, and vision) aims to transform the complete knee care pathway to achieve better outcomes at lower costs. Since their pre-commercial launch of KneeKG, their device has already been used to assess thousands of patients in eight countries at facilities such as Hospital Cochin in France, Centre de Médecine Sportive de Laval in Canada, and Saxony Health Hospital in Indiana, USA. This year they joined the Smart Health Certification Program in June as an inaugural class member, and were selected as one of 50 companies featured in the 2018 MedTech Innovator showcase.

KneeKG is the first device that enables in-clinic, dynamic, 3D knee assessments of patients while they are in motion and in weight-bearing conditions. It provides kinematic information to doctors critical to identifying specific pathologic patterns and developing a focused treatment strategy to restore optimal knee function. Emovi says their device can result in a number of benefits, including reduced pain, recovery time, opioid intake, number of interventions and cost per patient.

We are thrilled to have Emovi as an inaugural class member of the Smart Health Certification Program. We believe KneeKG could have a big impact in orthopedics, pain management, and preventative care, and we’ve been working closely with the Emovi team to overcome the challenges associated with integrating into a major health system and gaining insurance reimbursement.

We recently sat down with the Emovi team to discuss their experiences at the Smart Health Innovation Lab.

Why did your company choose to participate in the Smart Health Certification Program?

The Smart Health Certification Program is totally unique and probably the only program that creates a fast-track to clinical adoption and integration. To us, that was an extremely valuable proposition that we couldn’t pass up.

What have you gained so far from working with the Innovation Lab?

Working with the Smart Health Innovation Lab has helped us address some critical components needed to scale the deployment of KneeKG. They helped us uncover and overcome some HIPAA compliance challenges, assisted us with EHR integration, and introduced us to an expansive network of solid contacts.

How do you think this program will impact your company’s roadmap? What do you hope to gain after graduation?

In addition to achieving privacy compliance and EHR integration, the Smart Health Innovation Lab is providing validation of our product offering, workflow, and value. The integration blueprint that is being developed in concert with Penn Medicine Lancaster General Health and Capital BlueCross will help us replicate the integration process into other health systems and insurance reimbursement models, ultimately helping us scale our business.

What makes our program unique?

Not only does the program create a fast track to clinical adoption and integration, but it is also full of dynamic, capable and motivated people who have rolled up their sleeves to help us accelerate our path to market adoption.

How do you hope to change healthcare for the better? Do you think the Innovation Lab can help other companies make a positive change in healthcare?

We anticipate transforming knee care in the United States and the rest of the world. KneeKG can make a big impact on healthcare by addressing the Quadruple Aim – positively affecting patient experiences and outcomes, improving provider satisfaction, improving population health and reducing costs. We believe the Innovation Lab’s guidance and validation will positively influence the future of medical devices, by helping transformative companies like Emovi and NeuroFlow gain a stronger foothold in the market.

* * *

Emovi will celebrate their graduation from the Smart Health Certification Program, along with NeuroFlow, on October 4, 2018. We have been honored to work with such innovative companies for our inaugural class, and we believe both companies are positioned to make a positive impact on care. Our next Smart Health Certification Program will begin in January, 2019.